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OO gauge colour light signals

C R Signals

We stock the following OO gauge signals: Modern oo gauge two aspect signal with cage.


SO12HC  2 aspect home with safety cage (red and green) shown on the right                


SO12HR  2 aspect home with safety ring (red and green) 

SO12DC  2 aspect distant  with safety cage (red and yellow)

SO12DR  2 aspect distant  with safety ring (red and yellow)    

three aspect safety cage colour light signal



SO13HC  3 aspect with safety cage (red, yellow and green)                       

SO13HR  3 aspect with safety ring (red, yellow and green)

SO14HC  4 aspect with safety cage (red, yellow, green and yellow)

SO14HR  4 aspect with safety ring (red, yellow, green and yellow)

The first serious use of 2 aspect signals was in 1921 on the Liverpool Overhead Railway. 2 aspect signals are now used only on lines running trains at less than 50mph.  The LMS and LNER used 3 & 4 aspect signals in the 1930’s.

Safety cages have been in use since the 1980’s.  For layouts previous to this safety rings would be more appropriate.

2, 3 or 4 aspect signals can be used with our MAS-Sequencer, IRDASC4 and IRDASC5. 2 aspect signals can be controlled by IRDASC-1, IRDASC-2*, IRDASC-3*, SA1-S*, SA2-S*, SA4-S*, SA5-S*,SA7-SB*, SA8-S*, SA8-SB*, SA9-S*, and Simple Station Stop.

* Indicates control units with an output capable of switching both a distant and home signal. The distant signal warns the driver of the home signal ahead. They work in conjunction so that the distant signal sets to yellow when the home is red, and both set to green when the line ahead is clear.

The point Indicator can be used to operate one or two 2 aspect signals at the approach to a point. One signal will set to red and the other to green according to the points position.