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Track in a Box.

Ready assembled and prewired Shuttles




Surprisingly to us, we know there are people who don't like wiring, but do like building scenery and watching trains go by.

So we have decided to supply 'Track in a Box' which is a Shuttle on a shelf. The baseboard and surround is hand finished to a high standard, the electronics are built in and the track is ready fitted.

The standard version of this ready made Shuttle measures 4 foot long by 8 inches wide by a total of 10 inches high. The baseboard is made of plywood which has been varnished to give a good standard of finish so the unit will fit in with household furniture. Everything is supplied and all that is necessary is to place your own engine on the track and plug in the power supply. The unit can be mounted as a shelf or placed on a table or mantlepiece

There are 2 controls. The yellow pot controls the speed of the train and the red pot controls the length of time the train waits at each end of the line. The waiting time can be adjusted from 3 to 42 seconds. Longer times can be supplied on request. If you prefer we can mount the controls on the end of the unit.

The train is detected by infra red at both ends of the line so no modifications to the train are required.

Shown is the most basic unit. This unit is supplied for £245 plus carriage. For an extra cost we can add signals at one or both ends of the line, servo controlled points at one or both ends and two or more shuttles on the same board, either at the same level or different levels, possibly with a bridge so one line crosses the other. To give an idea of costs each 2 aspect signal will be an additional £35 and each point an additional £50. The points will be operated by servo motors to give a realistic slow movement. Different sizes of baseboards, different finishes and different gauges of track can be supplied to suit your needs so please contact us for a quote.

Please contact us at or phone 01538 756800 if you would like to discuss a quote.